Sunday, November 28, 2010

Speculation On Regulations On Hair In School And College

In the world of students which I pointed to is the teenagers,it has been decades,an issue widely discussed by almost all students in every single school in this country each and every single week perhaps.
The Issue of Hairstyle
First,before we get into the questioning and critics part of the blog,let us give the Ministry of Education something to nod to as they are the one who govern the rules.

When it comes to haircut,the rules state clearly;no sideburns,moustache,and beards which is out of the question for we are looking to another crucial part,the hair on top of our head.So,its an A OK for that first rule.Must not exceed collar,must not touches the ear and must not close the forehead as written inside the official Rules & Regulations.Let me aid the Ministry of why is it stated so.It creates equality among us students whether you are Muslims or Indians or Chinese and whether you are rich or poor.The same goes to why we wear uniforms during school hours.The hair also needed to be combed.It creates a very good impression and that smart look for a student.Its logic for us to see a neat person and assumes him or her to be very discipline and smart as for smudge people we assume them to be non-educated and come from somewhere rather rural.Talk about discipline,this rules on hair regulations itself is how the Ministry wanted to embed discipline in following rules among student so that they will know how to tackle their own will and will not do anything by their own desires.Same principle goes to Islam,there are rules one must follow to conquer their lust.

The sad thing about teenagers is,we rebels.But do not isolate us by this term just because you are all elderly.You all are once teenagers just like us.Its just that you all have your own personal issues,but still,you rebels.Let me put it this way,you did not finish your homework and 1 stroke of rattan on the hand is the punishment.I bet you will be mumbling and had your own murmur on your way back to your seat isnt it?For this era,we students knows how harsh it is the punishment back in the old days of our parents.But we are not going through that,we are going through this hair issue a lot.Getting sick of it,we want answers.And of course to have that,we have questions.

Out of all questions,this one seems to be the most frequently debated.Do short haired people seems to be more clever and higher IQ than those whom are long haired?Do short haired people seems to be more of athletic than long haired people?It was rather odd isnt it?This comparison seems to signified that impressions is somehow more important than results.Do we get an A+ when we get C+ during long haired but after the result came out we decided to cut it short?Wow! I really love that idea you know.Talk about the length of hair that affects our IQ,I also have this one friend and he is bald.In exam,I score more than him actually.He really follows the rule-short hair.May i add, `very` short hair.Thank god he did not shave yet,he will end up being Albert Einstein i guess.I think for this question,neither any teachers nor people from the ministry themselves have the answer isn it?IN FACT!when the results came out,you only look on the academic and the co-curricular marks.Its not like that you got both of the files on the marks with our current hairstyle picture isnt it?For now its 90% academic and 10% co-curricular.Why not you put it 50% academic 10% co-curricular and 40% hairstyle.Then it would be easier for us to enroll into college right.But why not?Because it will be ridiculous isnt it?.Just like this rule.

Well thats it for the opening of this issue.I would like to ask all of you to drop some comments as I can get into a lot more of argument about this.Feel free to support the Ministry or Teenagers.This is an open issue.Its just a mere discussion.Second question will be posted later on